Youth Agenda Project

Youth Agenda Project

Youth Agenda is an open door for the Sudanese youth to express their hopes, pains and aspirations. It is considered as a space for us to reflect as young people and draw details of our future with our own hands, in terms of how we determine the reasons-why we are absent from the process of decision-taking; and how to activate ourselves. How to play an important role in society, how to take a place in Policy and Decision-Making, and how to contribute to delineate the future of our country.


We display our creativity, our achievements and our experiences; to display successes and failures; the moments of our falls and the moments when we gather our strength and rise again out of rubble through a niche. In addition, through our agenda, we can present our structural needs, and can contribute to our development. We criticize ourselves honestly, considering that without critique, we would not do the right thing. Moreover, we have to notice that you and I are the heart of this world. We are a force if we unite. If we set our goals on a clear agenda and said that we want this, the whole universe must respond. So let us discuss with an open heart in this space, draw the common denominators that we call our agenda, and put plans in place and work together towards materializing them. Today, our country is at crossroads, and we suffer -at personal levels- from issues of unemployment and poverty, yet there is light at the end of the tunnel. So let us get together as one and think of a way to bail out and have a say on events instead of being influenced; and, while doing that, learn from our mistakes. Admittedly, it is a long walk to glory, yet it all starts with a little step.


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